Starbound pet slots

starbound pet slots

So I'm fairly new to Starbound, I've only been playing the last few days, but I'm not sure how pets work. Are they just not implemented. Jul 27, @ am. Originally posted by Lord Warmaster: It is filled when you have a pet out. Pets in capture pods are thrown like pokeballs. Today I check out the mods PUNCH, Slot Machine and NPC Pets. Links to all the mods in this video are. Please use the official forums instead. Your username or email address: Zu beachten ist, dass die Werte von Rüstung bzw. Some pets even serve other purposes like being a mobile light source. Der Kopfbereich des Fensters zeigt den Namen der Spielfigur, all star games youtube dass es sich um das Inventarfenster Inventory Screen handelt. The pets will be able to help you out in combat. Hail to btmudd28, I will always remember thee.


Starbound: Support Pets! starbound pet slots



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